Perhaps we should ask, why not? Feel you won’t really benefit? Too expensive? Too complicated to get going? Below is an overview of how Colorbox sees the web working for clients both large and small.


Just as in the print medium, web can be easily defined into different production stages. In print there is the design and layout stage, client liaison and approval, the finished art stage and then the production process to ready the artwork for printing.
In the web design process there too are clearly demarcated areas, making it manageable for both designers and clients to work in.
We start with research and discussion of your business and possible budget issues, then we document our understanding of this process in a thumbnail layout. Next comes the proposed design and style (this is the fun bit!) followed by the site building process and database functionality if required.

Front and back end

Put simply, web sites can be divided into two types. A ‘front end’ communicates your business information. It can be one page or many linked pages. This is where the design aesthetics and your business branding are important. A ‘back end’ is an actual business tool where clients can book appointments,
pay by credit card, make enquiries, fill out order forms, etc. Either way, this becomes
the next ‘stage’ of your corporate identity material.


24 hour exposure of your business to anyone anywhere is probably the most common reason most clients want a web presence. The crash has not changed the fact that more and more consumers access and research information via the web. Our clients who have reluctantly taken the plunge have been pleasantly surprised at the feedback and referral success a web presence has achieved for them.

How do I get started on a limited budget?

Colorbox now provides a reasonably priced service that can suit your requirements, but also holds the capability for future growth.
A typical scenario for a new business: all the design resources are spent on stationery and other promotion expenses. Web seems like overkill, or is not budgeted for.
In this case a step by step approach is helpful. First a domain name can be registered. For example, we could start you off with just a home page with potential for expanding later.

Updating sites

Colorbox can provide regular updating of your site and also provide in-house training for an operator in your business to learn how to enter information and upload it correctly. Bigger structural changes can be managed by Colorbox, and we suggest an annual ‘overhaul’ to re-jig the site in line with your business.
Register a domain name
Registering a domain name is excellent for business continuity. It keeps a consistent email address for all your print material with the choice later to add a web site. For a minimal cost we can do a search and register an available domain name for you - contact us for more information.

We strongly believe that a web site should complement and work with your existing branding and promotion. If we have already had previous involvement in the promotion of your business, we will have a good grasp of what it takes to create a great site.