Employing someone to design an emblem that will encapsulate your entire business operation in all its complexities is a very daunting process. A business may be trading quite successfully without an official 'look', it may already have a logo, or simply feel it doesn't
need one. People also worry about the expense, about whether the designers share their sensibilities, and about the stress of perhaps not finding the right design despite much cost.

Over the many years we have been involved in the business of branding and logos, we have accrued substantial insight into what it takes to deliver an appropriate and successful logo. We have also watched our design industry avail itself of the new technology and create a fast-food equivalent to logo design with a 1-2-3, tick-the-box approach.
So we feel it is timely to provide a brief overview of the Colorbox approach to the process of branding.

Who are you?
The stronger your knowledge and future direction of your business, the clearer the picture we can paint. We equate a good logo to the solid casing around your business entity - the encapsulation of your identity and not just a good-looking symbol. It is going to communicate succinctly and aesthetically what you do and who you are.

For a new business requiring a logo, we try to understand the business's vision, five-year plan, target markets and style preferences. For an existing branded business, we would be interested in how your trade/service has grown or changed, if your brand representation still matches this shift and if your current logo still reflects exactly what you do.

There is often the perception that designers are cool, arty, talented and eccentric, or even inspired prima donnas and substance abusers! However, the process is actually quite cognitive. Although the creative input underpins the final design, technical expertise and experience is critical to the process.
This involves listening, understanding and then distilling the essence of the business into a recognisable symbol, looking for the littlest thing to say the most. Design is like creating a poem - capturing the feeling and intent in a visual pattern.
Colorbox has sustained a great track record of resolving logo designs. We believe this is due to a solid foundation in both technical and practical areas - how your logo will be applied, how it will print up, fax, look electronically and simply just what works and what doesn't. We also have a good range of diversity in our studio, from age ranges to personal style.
In the sketches below we have set out one fairly typical example of this process.


A logo is born

Client: Soul Dynamics
Management consultants and trainers.
Aim: Assisting organisations to realise their full human
potential, by bridging inspiration and action (soul awareness).
Purpose: Business synthesis, an integrated approach.
Brief: Flowing, clean, professional, maybe a touch quirky.
Movement and flow, Japanese feel.

Key concepts: "Balancing our wheel of values"
Hub = integrity (responsibility, ethics, honesty, trust, respect, joy).
Spokes = growth, flexibility, harmony.
Rim = balance (integration, sustainability).
Rotation, recurring, reflection, reciprocation.